Mussaret Zaidi

Public health expert, researcher

Dr. Mussaret Zaidi heads the research laboratory at the Hospital Regional de Alta Especialidad in Yucatan, Mexico. During the last decade, she has studied anti-microbial usage in animals and the human health impact of anti-microbial-resistant bacteria in the food chain and environment.

Mussaret specialized in Pediatrics in Mexico, and completed a fellowship in Clinical and Public Health Microbiology at Mount Sinai and a MSc in Infectious Diseases at LSHTM. She is an advisor for the WHO Advisory Group on Integrated Surveillance of Antimicrobial Resistance.

Her recent research focuses on the control of food-borne diseases, food production and distribution, and community well-being in highly endemic settings.

UNTOLD STORY: My ancestors moved from Iraq to India in 990 AD. Throughout centuries, the Zaidi clan has been committed to social justice. A staunch believer in the family legacy, the goals of my own work are greater opportunities for children and their communities worldwide.

BOOKS: "A perspective on the role of pulsed-field gel electrophoresis for Salmonella surveillance in Mexico” in Calva JJ, Calva E (Eds): Molecular biology and molecular epidemiology of Salmonella infections. Research Signpost, Kerala, India. 2009


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Mussaret Zaidi: Food need not be pathogen free to be safe
Mussaret Zaidi: Food need not be pathogen free to be safe

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