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Make-a-thon 3.0: ‘Build to Sell’

A Make-athon is a 24-hour event that aims to bring the most passionate students, faculty, entrepreneurs and industry experts together for a weekend filled with creativity and innovation. The INK Make-a-thon at BITS- PILANI HYDERBAD aims to focus the students’ innovation and creativity to the theme ‘BUILD TO SELL’. Participants will be asked to make products or services with a selling value. The event will be conducted by INK Makers in collaboration with BITS PILANI HYDERBAD.


The registration form will stay open until 7th April, 2017. Students of BITS - HYD can register themselves in teams of not more than 4 (and not less than 2) with their project idea. The project they chose to work on should be innovative along with the potential of selling value. Interested students can fill out the form. Applicants are expected to mention all hardware costs accurately, half of which (up to Rs.500) will be reimbursed. The final list of participants will chosen after careful screening of all applications received.

The event

Date - 07, 08 April 2017 (rescheduled)

Location - F101 - Teleconference room.

All participants will be provided an air-conditioned and wifi-equipped working space along with food and recreational time. Mentors, who are experienced individuals in various aspects of innovation, will be present throughout the event to help students in the innovation process. The final prototypes or working outcomes will be displayed in the demonstration after the event when the teams will be judged.

Contact us

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Amit Dash


Team Name Team Members
Stirling Refrigerator Kunal Gulati
Konark Joshi
India, the world’s second largest producer of fruits and vegetables, is throwing away a large fraction of the fresh produce. The reason behind this is the lack of adequate cold storage facilities.

Our project is based on the long neglected Stirling engine. Nowadays Stirling engines are primarily used in cryocoolers, but not in commercial and consumer refrigeration. Our main motive is to bring this technology into consumer space. Thousands of engineers have devoted millions of hours to the development and improvement of Internal Combustion engines. Our purpose is to reintroduce this concept and make refrigeration more efficient and the environment- friendly.

SPCRS Suraj Partani
Ujjawal Aggarwal
This project is an attempt to cater the urgent need of Solar panel Cleaning and Maintenance.