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Make-a-thon 2.0

INK Makers program is back in Manipal for its next season of INK Makers, and this time it's even better and bigger.

A Make-a-thon is a 24-hour event that aims to bring the most passionate students, faculty, entrepreneurs and industry experts together for a weekend filled with creativity and innovation. The INK Make-a-thon at MU aims to focus the students’ innovation and creativity to no specific theme. The event will be conducted by INK Makers in collaboration with Manipal University


The registration form will stay open until 22th February, 2017. Students of MU can register themselves in teams of not more than 4 (and not less than 2) with their project idea. The project they chose to work on should be innovative along with the potential of selling value. Interested students can fill out the form on apply page. Applicants are expected to mention all hardware costs accurately, half of which (up to Rs.500) will be reimbursed. The final list of participants will chosen after careful screening of all applications received.

The event

Date: 25, 26 February, 2017

Location - FOA

All participants will be provided an air-conditioned and wifi-equipped working space along with food and recreational time. Mentors, who are experienced individuals in various aspects of innovation, will be present throughout the event to help students in the innovation process. The final prototypes or working outcomes will be displayed in the demonstration after the event when the teams will be judged.

Contact us

Drop us a message on our Facebook event page

Amit Dash


Team Name Team Members
Agritects Rajat Tyagi
Aditi Malladi
Anish Mahapatra
Agritects. A smart, digital remote system that works on the principles of the Internet of Things (IoT), backed by real-time cloud data for advanced monitoring, automation and predictive analysis for rural agriculture in India.
ElectroFoodies Sahas Gembali
Neha Srivastava
Sunanda Somu
Karishma Agrawal

With our Pani Puri vending machine, we aim to make Indian street food an addition to the global fast food market!

The vending machine has subsystems that do the essential tasks of dispensing the Puri, pricking the hole, then dispensing the aloo and the water mix. The customer will get freshly prepared Pani Puris, all at the push of a button!

Turbinator John Christopher
Dhruv Suri
Samanyu Shetty
Raahil Nayak
The Turbinator is an Aerial Wind Turbine design with a motor in the air and uses mechanical and aerodynamic properties. Benefiting from the higher velocity and persistence of wind at high altitudes this model has more efficiency than standard wind turbines. Simple in design and the first of its kind, this product harnesses wind energy to produce electric energy and finds application in various fields.
Infinity (Smokeless Oven) Aryan Adya
Vaibhav Thacker
Akhil Jain
Its a stove built for rural people who use solid fuel to cook food. The stove has a proper airflow path for the smoke to escape. A separate ashtray is built to collect the ash after burning the fuel.Also the stove generates electricity which could be stored in a battery and used for various house activities.
Brusrol Jaskirat Kaur
Brusrol is an intra-oral teeth cleaner that aims to clean all teeth at the same time and is specially designed for people lacking manual dexterity to brush their teeth, the physically and mentally challenged and geriatric patients.
Sapphires Ananya Nishant Manapure
Satyam chaturvedi
Gauthami Bhaskar
Our product is named Salus, Latin for safety, which is what we aim to achieve. To help women all over the country from being harassed, Salus is a handy tool. Apart from being a digital watch, it incorporates one of the many attention gathering and self defence objects-

1. A bright LED to blind the assaulter momentarily,thus helping the individual to escape or gather attention.

2. A loud alarm to gather attention.

3. A pocket knife for self defense.

We also want to include a position tracker so that its easy for help to reach the affected.

We want to include direct dialing or texting in case of an emergency, to selected few contacts and the police.

We aim to include facilities that help in cases of emergencies but are cost efficient as well. We want a wider area of society to be able to afford it and use it.

Namesaredeceptive Sumukha Varambally
Priyankar Kumar
Abhisek Das
Siddartha Rao
Casque is a smart helmet that is designed to solve every problem associated with a helmet ( except ofc " hair fall and dandruff"). Surrounding eventpool awareness is a major feature of the helmet which ensures that neither will you miss a sign on the road nor will you find any alert of your phone disturbing. A tragic post accident phenomenon observed in this country is the long response time by emergency services. We tackle this by requiring no external reporting entities. The helmet takes care of everything.
Way Cube Up (pronounced as 'wake you up' ) T.S.R KAUSTHUBH
We intend to modify the humble alarm clock into something which shall be effective in its job. The only way to put off the alarm is by solving the Rubik's cube ! It comes in different modes (full cube , one colour, 2X2 , 4X4 ) and it is highly customizable.The USP of our product is its simplicity, it is brand new to the market, very low in price , yet uniqueness in design.Our motto is " We don't want to make money from people but, we want to wake up people with their money."
Electronics Bai Abhijeet Kumar Sinha
Anubhav Apurva
Boga Vishal
Mudit Malpani
The system takes input from a camera mounted on the ceiling. Whenever a new garbage is detected on the floor, the algorithm computes the shortest path to it avoiding the obstacles, and bot goes there and picks it up and comes back to its initial position.
conan Jatin palchuri
Anshu munagala
Sai shrikar gembali