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Make-a-thon 1.0: ‘Build to Sell’

A Mak-e-athon is a 24-hour event that aims to bring the most passionate students, faculty, entrepreneurs and industry experts together for a weekend filled with creativity and innovation. The INK Make-a-thon at NIT-W aims to focus the students’ innovation and creativity to the theme ‘BUILD TO SELL’. Participants will be asked to make products or services with a selling value. The event will be conducted by INK Makers in collaboration with Innovation Garage, NIT-W.


The registration form will stay open until 15th January, 2017. Students of NIT-W can register themselves in teams of not more than 4 (and not less than 2) with their project idea. The project they chose to work on should be innovative along with the potential of selling value. Interested students can fill out the form here. Applicants are expected to mention all hardware costs accurately, half of which (up to Rs.500) will be reimbursed. The final list of participants will chosen after careful screening of all applications received.

The event

The event will be held on 28th and 29th January, 2017 at Innovation Garage, NIT Warangal. It will be begin on 28th January, 2017 and extend until the afternoon of 29th December, 2017.

All participants will be provided an air-conditioned and wifi-equipped working space along with food and recreational time. Mentors, who are experienced individuals in various aspects of innovation, will be present throughout the event to help students in the innovation process. The final prototypes or working outcomes will be displayed in the demonstration after the event when the teams will be judged.

Contact us

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A total of 90 teams were shortlisted and 8 teams have made it to the finale of INK Makers.

Team Name Team Members
Collision squad Abheek Chatterjee
Gautham Rajsimha
Nisha Jacob
Suraj Perumallapalli
The product is a walking stick with inbuilt sensors and vibration and sound based alarm systems to help visually impaired people navigate more easily and avoid collisions on the path.
Cosmos aurabh Bodhe
Abhay Swaroop
Soham Gadge
Prathamesh Kapse
A shop automation system, a system which in a nutshell is a replacement to a conventional shopkeeper. On a small scale it may consist of a mechanical arm interfaced with some kind of front-end GUI where target user can select a product he/she wants to buy and the arm can go and pick up the product from its location- kind of a vending machine on larger scale. Arm has a small camera/sensor to scan QR codes on the product. System has inbuilt ability to scan and remember where something is kept. And when asked for will again confirm by means of the QR code if it is in fact the asked product, pick it up and collect it in some kind of "cart".
Dining Philosophers Anushul Goyal
Archit Kansal
Kiran Koduru
Vinay Gedam
Android App - "MediSurf" (app to reduce/optimize medical prescription based on generic salts. It will be an end-to-end product where users can upload their prescriptions and get the alternatives from the app. Second part part of the app is to perform data-analytics based on the usage data collected. It will help us predict consumption/availability, seasonal/time-series analysis of diseases based on demographics and much more.)
PJ Bros Rohan Chidrewar
Pragya Kumari
Bhuma Bharadwaz
Mahima Jeslani
Smart cycle display - this project will make our normal cycle a running gym equipment. We will have an appropriately sized display that can be fitted on any cycle. A speed detector will be placed on the wheel which will detect the speed and after knowing the time elapsed we can find the calories lost,average speed and what not. Also this device will give cyclists an opportunity to set daily goals and finally they will see themselves fulfilling those goals.
Sesto LMNto Anirban Panda
Shantanu Landore
Samarjit Karmakar
Daksh Pratap Singh Pamar
A glove fitted in a sensor-box . The movement of the hand will be amplified and imitated by another steel-hand to replace some heavy things which can't be done by a normal person
The Publishers Akhil Nambiar
Jithu GP
We are trying to help people write a book without them having to type out anything.By scrapping data from their social media over the years, we have enough content to get a book out of all of it. We are also planning to add a book cover customisation and layout selection offer (font,book size, colour etc). We are planning to start with Twitter.
WDKW Anmol Kulkarni
Sri Harsha Aditya Ravuri
Kranthi Kiran GV
Conversational bot designed to provide relevant information to doctors to assist with recommendations and treatment options.We use to parse user's input and identify the parts of the body involved, symptoms involved and the diseases mentioned in the conversation.
Tech Knights Yash Kandpal
Aditi Thakur
Aniruddha Joshi
Chirayu Rankawat
We're planning to make a game using Unity for the android platform (and Windows OS If time permits as well) which helps in cognitive learning for kids