Sister Jesme: Find the Power Within You

In an emphatic and emotional talk, Dr Sister Jesme, shares the shocking revelation of the hollowness of religious institutions, sending across the message to find power and courage within you, than without.

Recorded at INK2018, HYDERABAD


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About the Speaker

Dr Sr Jesme

Academic, Author

With a doctorate in English Literature, Dr Sister Jesme is an academic from Kerala. In 2008 she resigned from her post as the Principal of St. Mary's College in Trichur. After 33 years of being a nun, she was forced to leave the Congregation of the Mother Carmelite (CMC) for reasons of emotional torment. In 2009 Sr Jesme published the autobiography that shocked the world, 'Amen: The Autobiography of a Nun', recounting her experiences of humiliation, sexual abuse and mental torture at the nunnery. Searing, sincere and sensitive, Amen is an eye-opener to what was happening within the Congregation, and a plea for a reformation of the church.

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