Triggering positive behavior

Motivation is not enough to sustain a new habit, according to Avinash Saurabh. In this talk, he takes us through how AI systems can help people form habits with a level of predictability, using the lure of immediate gratification.

Recorded at INK2016, Goa


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About the Speaker

Avinash Saurabh


Avinash is the CEO and Co-Founder of, a social wellness platform that is helping companies around the world drive positive and healthier behavior, within their workforce. is an IIM Bangalore incubated startup that has raised $1 Million in seed round from Round Glass Partners, a US based venture firm. 

Avinash is passionate about research in the field of behavior change, behavioral economics and behavioral psychology. Him and his team have been able to help over 75,000 people spread across 7 countries, form healthier habits. 

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