Blockchain technology

Get ready for the future of finance with Bitcoin Foundation chair Brock Pierce as he leads us through the exciting new world of Blockchain. Brock’s unique insight as a premiere venture capitalist and pioneer of emerging methods of finance will leave you yearning for a future with no intermediary financial institutions. Blockchain represents the epitome of disruptive technology, challenging transactions as we know it.

Recorded at INK Asia 2016, Singapore


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About the Speaker

Brock Pierce


Brock Pierce is a venture capitalist and entrepreneur with an extensive track record of founding, advising and investing in disruptive businesses. He pioneered the market for digital currency in games and has raised more than $200 million for companies he founded. Brock is an early investor in Bitcoin, founding board member of Omni, and one of the largest investors in the Ethereum crowd sale. He is the Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation and founder and Managing Partner of Blockchain Capital, the first sector-focused venture fund that invests in Blockchain technology companies (more than 40 to date) and the Bitcoin ecosystem.

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