Seeing no obstacles

When Srikanth Bolla was born blind, villagers in his family’s agricultural community advised letting him die. Instead, his parents focused on his education. With the right support, Srikanth began breaking down every barrier put in his path, even graduating from one of the world’s top-ranked universities. Now an INK Fellow, Srikanth is applying his considerable grit and brainpower—not to mention his charm—to help differently abled individuals integrate into mainstream Indian society.

Recorded at INK2015, Mumbai


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About the Speaker

Srikanth Bolla

CEO, Bollant Industries

Srikanth Bolla was the first visually challenged student in India permitted to study science beyond grade 10. Since then, he has blazed new trails with Bollant Industries, an organization that employs uneducated and disabled employees to manufacture eco-friendly disposable consumer products and packaging solutions. They also offer adhesives, printing inks, printing products and intermediate products for disposable product manufacturers. Bollant Industries now operates five manufacturing units and has sales crossing USD 70 million each year.

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