From victim to trailblazer

Knowing painfully firsthand how domestic violence can shatter one’s world, Flavia Agnes offers hope—and sharp-eyed legal advice—to victims. In this moving talk, Flavia chronicles her life and career: first as a young wife tormented by abuse, later as a women’s rights activist, and finally as the founder of Majlis Legal Centre, one of India’s most effective forums for justice and women’s empowerment.

Recorded at INK2015, Mumbai


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About the Speaker

Flavia Agnes

Legal Scholar and Activist

Flavia Agnes is a pioneer in the women’s movement in India. Motivated by personal experience with domestic violence to earn her law degree, Flavia has since worked consistently on gender issues. As co-founder of MAJLIS, a legal and cultural resource center, her primary engagement has been to provide quality legal services to women and children. A prolific writer, she has provided incisive analysis of social trends and legal developments related to domestic violence, minority concerns, secularism, and human rights.

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