Folk music revised

Music director and composer Shantanu Moitra has been on a mission to promote and preserve folk musical traditions. At INK2011, Moitra introduces the music of Gokul Chandra Das, a dhak (a traditional percussion instrument from Bengal played during religious festivals) player whose style is an amalgamation of classical and folk.

Recorded at INK2011, Jaipur, India


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Shantanu Moitra

Music director, composer

Folk music is rapidly disappearing from mainstream music, but never fear! Shantanu Moitra is a man on a mission to save folk musical traditions. Shantanu is a renowned Indian music composer and restorationist. With a father as an accomplished sarod player and his mother as a talented artist, creativity naturally runs through his veins. He has worked on many landmark Bollywood films, including "Parineeta", "3 Idiots", and "Madras Cafe".

In 2014, he received the National Film Award for Best Music Direction (Background Score) for Na Bangaaru Talli. With his compositions and exploration of lost musical traditions, Shantanu constantly contributes to what he strongly believes is the best way to "see" a country — by experiencing its music.

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Gokul Chandra Das

Dhak musician

Gokul Chandra Das is a dhak (a traditional percussion instrument from Bengal played during religious festivals) player whose music is an amalgamation of classical and folk. Gokul Das was the first dhaki to play at the Hollywood Bowl. Gokul Chandra Das is one of the few dhakis, if not the only one, to take the dhak mainstream and introduce this regional instrument and art to the world. Das comes from a traditional 'Dhaki' family.

Music by Gokul Chandra Das


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