How I lived on 32 Rupees a day

Tushar Vashisht made headlines with his lifestyle experiment to live on the government-stipulated poverty line of Rs. 32/day. At INK2013, this Wall Street banker turned health entrepreneur takes us through his journey, and shares the insights that spurred him to lead a health revolution in India.

Recorded at INK2013, Kochi, Kerala


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About the Speaker

Tushar Vashisht

Health Entrepreneur

In 2011, along with a friend, Tushar Vashisht conducted a lifestyle experiment living at the government-stipulated poverty line of Rs 32/day. The experiment and its documentation gave scientific voice to the poor, creating empathy amongst India’s privileged, and providing concrete policy solutions to the government. It also inspired him to co-found HealthifyMe, the world’s first Indian nutrition and calorie tracker for healthy living. HealthifyMe has gone on to serve 15 million users and has raised $35M in equity capital.

Prior to this, Tushar worked as a banker, and also helped initiate the Indian Government’s Unique ID project.

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Rahul Singh

u always keep searching for problems but there are very few who start finding the solutions .... this story was one of those special ones...

Chaya Bhatia


Happy you experienced what and how a common man lives and feels and your contribution to the aadhar card but is that all.what do you next plan to do for them.Your health calorie how will it help them.ja jeeth le jaaa when will you win over their blessings and wipe their tears and give them food for thought and body.Do something different for them You are born for bigger things not portals and apps alone.Take on the leadership mantle live the 100 rs a day mentally with them and lift them as nobody ever will.I am proud of you.

Romesh Kaul

Tushar - great initiative with calorie chart and if ot can be extended woth healthcare technologies that can work in India with incredible cost effectivelness- then let us connect at You will be pleasantly surprised with what we work in similar to your approach except we deal with state of teh art medical systems and technologies ( mobile phone apps too) that can reduce costs for anyone fallen sick and who wishes to live a healthy life.

Biar Peter

As for India and the Whole world, I feel bad for not starting something to my country. it is clear to me that nothing is impossible unless when not decided. yes, we can change the world if we go the Indian way.

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