How I became the 'Fake IPL Player'

Blogger Anupam Mukerji pulled off the greatest hoax in Indian cricketing history and had the entire nation and media fanatically glued to his every move. Watch as Mukerji shares his roller coaster ride as the 'Fake IPL Player'.

Recorded at INK2011, Jaipur, India


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Anupam Mukerji

The Fake IPL Player

Anupam is best known as the man behind India's biggest viral sensation - The Fake IPL Player. He has gone on to start Pitch Invasion as an alternate, interactive online live cricket commentary platform. An entrepreneur for 9 years in areas ranging from sports documentaries, marketing consulting, marketing communications, online social media marketing, and sports media, Anupam is also the author of a best-selling novel, and a general prankster. 

Anupam recently launched, which is fast becoming the most popular product for live cricket updates on-the-go.

BOOKS: The Gamechangers

WEBSITE: Pitch InvasionThe Fake IPL Player ,

TWITTER: @_fakeiplplayer

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