Stop making lawns, plant a forest!

Shubhendu Sharma imagines a future for cities where plucking a fruit from a tree will be easier than buying it from the supermarket. At his start-up Afforestt, Sharma creates 100-year-old forests in 10 years. Within 2 years you have a flourishing self-sustaining forest growing right in your backyard, and 30 times more oxygen.

Recorded at INK2012, Pune, India


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Shubhendu Sharma

Founder & Director, Afforestt

Shubhendu Sharma, an experienced industrial engineer turned eco-entrepreneur, is the Founder & Director of Afforestt, a company which creates urban forests. Developed using the Miyakwaki methodology for growing saplings from Japan, backed by robust management, intensive research and cutting edge technologies, Afforestt can create a "100 year old natural forest" in just 10 years. Shubhendu is an INK Fellow from the class of 2012.

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Krishna Kesab Sadangi +1

Excellent Sir .I am a wildlife rescuer especially snakes .I have planned to start a NGO so I want to be in touch with you to make such things in my area also.Please give me your number or call me at 08763733710

Camille Ramond

Hi Shubhendu! Well done I must say. Working myself in the creation of forest in Europe and in Latin America (start-up), I would to share ideas with you to grow them more. Can we contact each other? Here is my mail: I may ask for your contact number also. Thank you in advance!

Rohini Komarappagari

This is a amazing talk. its simple and so effective idea. which really impact on earth and environmental pollution and many more benefits.

But is it not costly to do it with you rather than find some local farmer or resources who can plant trees and take care of it for 2 years

Nayana Unadkat

Excellent work at quite young age. Such attempts will definitely bring wonderful results, and Mother Nature will be at its best one day. Let us hope...

Vijaya Dhakshinamoorthy

we saw your earlier video on afforestation based on japanese car manufacturing technology and you said the same can be applied to aforestation. how can you help us proceed with this idea. we have the manpower -around100 young men willing to create green cover in south india.. Region is already earmarked. - an arid area in Dharmapuri district in Tamilnadu. 50 years back it was a lush green forest . Now totally denuded. local people have not bothered to plant a single tree. they find no ways and means for planting and maintaining trees. The barren lands look upwards to the sky for water. Now how do we go about starting to plant trees based on your idea. We have to first plant the seed in the peoples mind. suggestions welcome. any initiation from your side is welcome.somewhere a beginning should be made to move mail id ..........

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