Nam Do: A headset that reads your mind

Tech entrepreneur Nam Do showcases the next generation of human-computer interface through the Emotiv EPOC headset that makes it possible to control virtual objects with your thoughts. In his demo, Nam Do talks about its far-reaching applications.


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Nam Do

Serial tech entrepreneur

Prior to forming Emotiv, Nam Do co-founded and ran SASme, a pioneer in providing SMPP platforms to telecommunication carriers and content aggregators in Australia and Asia. In 1995, Nam won one of Vietnam’s most prestigious study abroad scholarships. Nam came to Australia’s RMIT University under a full merit scholarship, and started his first technology company in his final year. A regular guest-lecturer at Harvard Business School, HAAS Business School and Stanford University, in 2007, Nam was voted as one of Australia’s Top 10 Digital Entrepreneurs.

UNTOLD STORY: In 2003, Nam Do had dinner with Professor Allan Snyder FRS. They discussed at length about Allan’s work on non-conscious mind with autistic savants. At 4am, Nam told Allan, “you know what, the last 20 years have been the era for DSP (digital signal processing), the next 20 years will be the era for ESP (emotional signal processing)”. Allan loved it and that’s how Emotiv was formed.

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