The irrigation solution

Peter Frykman is addressing the needs of small-plot farmers globally with a sustainable and affordable solution to irrigation in the times of water scarcity. Watch as Frykman shares his insights on using engineering and entrepreneurship to create impact, and giving farmers an opportunity to make more money by giving them access to knowledge and technology.

Recorded at INK2012, Pune, India


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Peter Frykman


Peter Frykman is the founder and CEO of Driptech, Inc., which is concerned with the challenge of water scarcity, especially in developing countries. His professional interests include mechatronics, medical devices, and design for extreme affordability. He is an avid rower and two time national champion for Stanford.


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Laura Frykman

Very clear & concise presentation and the product is exceptional. I'd encourage you to mention some real life examples of what a 30% increase in yield means to a farmer's family, --what can & do they buy with the extra money? Does it make the difference between starvation and life? Between staying on their land or having to forfeit it to factory farms, or..? Those types of examples can add reality & power to the idea. It seems like there's a big market niche that could be described; you could mention the price of traditional irrigation systems that is prohibitive, and pressures from corporations like Monsanto which make it harder to be competitive--making this even more useful a tool.

-anyway, I am so happy to hear you pitch your product. I wish I had a million to invest in what you're doing!

Julius Muiruri

This is a great innovation. Most of of the time small small scale farmers rely on the rain patterns for growing of of their crops. With the current climate changes, the rain patterns cannot be predicted and and this have spelt doom doom to many rural small scale farmers exposing them to Hunger . I believe this innovation have come at the the right time and it's possible to eliminate hunger among the rural communities. Technology is not always cheap but it's amazing to see how how affordable this kits are coupled with other benefits that comes with it. I want to join drip tech to reach more people in my region.

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