Transforming poachers to protectors

From discovering endangered species to educating tribals about conservation to transforming poachers to protectors, Tanmoy Ghosh has had an exciting journey. Learn more about it as he shares some fascinating insights at INK2012.

Note: The speaker mentions that Ultapani is a World Heritage Site. This is factually incorrect. Ultapani is part of the Manas Tiger Reserve buffer area, and the core area of the Reserve is the Manas National Park. Only the boundary of the Manas Wildlife Sanctuary is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Recorded at INK2012, Pune, India


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About the Speaker

Tanmoy Ghosh

Wildlife conservationist

Tanmoy Ghosh brings new sustainable solutions to solve problems in wildlife conservation whether its through leading survey expeditions, promoting ecotourism, or wildlife photography. He has also discovered an new population of gharial, the most endangered crocodilians in the world. His many conservation projects paved way for collaborations with the BBC (Natural History Unit), Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel among many others.

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