Dreaming green

From bamboo swimming pools to homegrown lunches, every aspect of John Hardy's Green School strives to be a model of sustainability. But being green isn't easy, and it doesn't always work on the first try. Hardy humorously recounts how, step by step, he's realized his dream of building a green community. Hardy's efforts are having a ripple effect amongst the local Balinese, as more and more people adopt his mentality of livable sustainability.

Recorded at INK2011, Jaipur, India


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John Hardy

Designer, educator

Jewelry designer John Hardy co-founded the extraordinary Green School in Bali, where kids get a holistic and green education. At the Green School, students learn in open-air classrooms surrounded by acres of gardens that they tend; they learn to build with bamboo; and meanwhile they're being prepared for traditional British school exams. The centerpiece of the campus is the spiraling Heart of School, which may be called Asia's largest bamboo building.


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Asher Yaron

Thank you John Hardy....you are an inspiration to us all and a big Presence to draft behind, making it easier for us to expand and evolve your dream!

Khrienuo Metha

Both Elora and you have highly been inspirational indeed! I lead a team of govt officials in the state of Nagaland, India,propagating working with bamboo for a sustainable green future. We hope to visit your school someday!

Khrienuo Metha

Hi John! A small world indeed, sometime last year i commented we may visit you someday in bali instead you visited us at the bamboo development centre in nagaland and now i'm preparing to send two of my officers and two bamboo workers to green school on your invite for training! Amazing!

Jul Passerani

Hi John! I'm Juliana Passerani and I live in Brasil. I am really happy to meet your website and know that is a amazing school like you did.I will go to Thailand and Nepal to do a volunteer job, after that I will go to Bali... I'm not a teacher, but I would like to volunteer in your school to learn the routine, and maybe one day build a Greenschool in Brasil too. My country really needs more attention to this things and I would love to participate on this progress.
I hope you see my post... If you don't, I will show up in your school anyway =) my email : jpasserani@gmail.com

Best Regards! Jul

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