Ugesh Sarcar: Is magic magic?

One of the important initiatives of INK is its INK Fellows Program that brings together amazing young people and showcases their work to the world. Street magician Ugesh Sarcar levitates, climbs walls and reads minds. In this talk he questions what magic is all about, and shows that magic does not happen by magic alone.


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Ugesh Sarcar


Ugesh Sarcar is India's first and only contemporary and revered street magician. Ugesh was trained in the art of magic under the stewardship of his father – the "Living Legend" Prof. M. C. Sarcar. Thereafter, "Ugesh Sarcar's 3rd Degree," his first national TV appearance, became an instant hit and the highest rated show for the channel in over 3 years. There has been no looking back ever since, and his performances have won him accolades the world over.

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