INK Live 2013

October 25 - October 27, 2013 in Kochi, Kerala


Exciting workshops at INK Live 2013:


RIP MOD FAB : Re- imaging, Design & Manufacturing workshop by Autodesk

Join Tatjana Dzambazova, Autodesk Technology Whisperer, who will provide an insider's peek into the emerging trends and convergences that will forever change the way things will be designed and manufactured in the future. Learn how next-generation tools are changing the way we create new and everyday objects, from the microscopic to the massive and from the simple to the complex, and start the revolution at your home, studio and office.

Tatjana delivered this lecture and workshop as Master Class at TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) Global and TED Long Beach 2012. 


DIy: Crafting With Cochin, by MIT Media Lab


Track 1: Hacking Light
We cannot imagine life without light. In this track we will explore interacting, communicating and talking with light in a completely new dimension. Participants include artists, designers, hackers, software and hardware gurus with an opportunity to discover, innovate and flaunt your creativity. Teams will design, prototype and hack with off the shelf hacking kits, to build new forms of communication and interaction kits together with Nokia and MIT Media Lab researchers.


Track 2: Design For Sustainability
The accelerating process of globalization and liberalization supported by advances in technology has fundamentally challenged patterns of consumption and production in a developing country like India. Participants in this track will get a better understanding of the design process with focused action plans to advance sustainable product and services design in diverse fields ranging from governance to education. You will be motivated by relevant examples and case studies from various organizations and economies to come up with practical solutions tackling today’s problems.




Creation & Innovation, by THNK, the Amsterdam School of Creative Leadership

India faces many social challenges: Waste, corruption, health, education, infrastructure, governance. Most problems are very complex and interconnected. Creative leadership is the answer, turning these challenges into opportunities, and creating breakthrough innovation.


During the THNK workshop, you will make a start solving an Indian social challenge by applying THNK's creative process in multidisciplinary teams. You will practice various design-thinking methods and learn to uncover unmet needs, reframe your perspectives, co-create new concepts and test your first prototype solution.



Powers of Ten by Eames Demetrios

What is scale? Scale is not just the size of things, it is the relative size of things. We believe that much of the magic and many of the problems of the world are matters of scale, and yet that we are not really wired to understand the extremes of scale — or even exponential change in general.


One way of getting a handle on scale is to consider what happens when you add another zero to a number, or take it away. This methodology is called Powers of Ten thinking. It has been employed by the Eames family throughout the years not only as a means for understanding design, but also the larger world. During this hands-on workshop, you will be introduced to the concept of Powers of Ten through an informative video followed by interactive exercises to help you understand the power of scale.


At the end of this workshop, you will have a clearer understanding of how scale can be employed in your practice as a designer, and also its impact on the larger world in which you live.


Denim Art Project by Levi's

We humans are visual creatures, which shows in how we can paint a picture through words and everyone has a creative side to them. Majority of the people express themselves through painting as colours depict so many of our emotions and it our inherent nature to dazzle the world through our images.


The Denim Art Project by Levis is a community-based workshop project that creates an experience that is fun, creative, memorable and personal. Open for 2 days, anyone can fill the massive Denim canvas with their imagination, for the world to see. And at the end of day, a featured artist from INK will clean up the canvas, to highlight the beauty of the artwork and make it even more noticeable.




PitchCraft by IDEX

A spark of brilliance gives birth to a new idea! An evolution occurs through brainstorming, conversations and ideation and the idea has become a fully-fledged model. In order to go from idea to action, it's critical to build an exciting narrative around the project you're trying to construct and create. 


The PitchCraft workshop by the IDEX Fellows will provide a hands-on, interactive platform for constructing engaging narratives and creative stories around ideas and projects you're working to manifest. Focused around crafting pitches for Social Enterprise ideas it will explore how to create narratives around social innovation and social impact.



Creating Writing Workshop

Are you an aspiring writer? We are surrounded by stories from the day we're born - and yet writing our own can seem impossibly hard. Learn how to structure a narrative, create character with Lavanya Sankaran.


Lavanya Sankaran is the author of the celebrated short story collection The Red Carpet, which spent two years on the best-seller lists and collected praise world-wide. Her debut novel The Hope Factory, just released, has been selected by Amazon UK as a Top Pick. Compared to Charles Dickens by the British press, Lavanya's writing has own several awards, including Barnes and Noble Discover New Writers, and Poets and Writers' Best First Fiction Award.