Day 1 Friday, April 07, 2017
08:00 — 09:00 Summit Registration

09:00 — 10:45 Session 1
Rob Nail presenting remotely (Opening Address)
Lakshmi Pratury (Welcome & Introduction to Exponentials)
Nicholas Haan (Grand Global Challenges)
Lalitesh Katragadda (How India can leapfrog)

10:45 — 11:15 BREAK

11:15 — 13:00 Session 2
Larry Keeley (Corporate Innovation)
Neil Jacobstein (AI & Robotics)

13:00 — 14:00 LUNCH

14:00 — 16:15 Session 3
Brock Pierce (Exponential Finance)
Matthieu Riou (Blockchain Technology)
Sanjay Swamy (The India Fintech revolution)

16:15 — 16:45 BREAK

16:45 — 18:45 Session 4
Aaron Maniam (Foresight, Governance & Public Policy)
Salim Ismail (Exponential Organisations)


Day 2 SATURDAY, APRIL 08, 2017
08:00 — 09:00 Summit Registration

09:00 — 10:45 Session 5
Ramez Naam (Manufacturing & Energy)
George Kembel (Design Thinking

10:45 — 11:15 BREAK

11:15 — 13:00 Session 6
Divya Chander (Exponential Medicine)
Raymond McCauley (Biotechnology)

13:00 — 14:00 LUNCH

14:00 — 15:45 Session 7
Joe Paradiso (Internet of Things)
Bill Briggs (Technology Trends)

15:45 — 16:15 BREAK

16:15 — 17:45 Interactive Sessions
Artificial Intelligence lead by Neil Jacobstein
BioTechnology lead by Raymond McCauley
Exponential Finance lead by Brock Pierce
Design Thinking lead by George Kembel

17:45 — 18:15 Closing Session


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This SingularityU Summit is hosted by Singularity University alumni with authorization and curatorial oversight by Singularity University.

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SingularityU India Summit

Peter Diamandis

Co-Founder & Executive Chair, Singularity University; Founder & Executive Chair, XPRIZE Foundation

Peter Diamandis is an international pioneer in the fields of innovation, incentive competitions and commercial space. He is the founder and executive chair of the XPRIZE Foundation, which leads the world in designing and launching large incentive prizes to drive radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity. Peter is the co-author of "BOLD: How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World", and "Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think". As a futurist, visionary, author and distinguished speaker, he counsels the world’s top enterprises on how to utilize exponential technologies and incentivized innovation to dramatically accelerate their business objectives. Dr. Diamandis attended MIT where he received his degrees in molecular genetics and aerospace engineering, as well as Harvard Medical School where he received his M.D.

Rob Nail

Associate Founder & CEO, Singularity University

Rob brings a unique entrepreneurial and impact-focused approach to growing a non-traditional university as a model for the future and a forum to catalyze a global ecosystem that leverages exponential technologies to help solve humanity’s grand challenges. Prior to Singularity, he co-founded Velocity11, building automation equipment and robotics for cancer research and drug discovery. After it was acquired by Agilent Technologies in 2007, he traded the CEO role for a General Manager role in an effort to be a catalyst for change at a big company. He is also a co-founder of Alite Designs and is an active angel investor and advisor. Rob holds degrees in mechanical, materials science and manufacturing engineering with a focus on design and robotics from the University of California, Davis and Stanford University.

Brad Templeton

Networks & Computing Chair, Singularity University

Brad Templeton is a software architect, board member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Internet entrepreneur, futurist lecturer, writer and observer of cyberspace issues, hobby photographer, and artist, as well as a consultant on Google’s team designing a driverless car. He is a director of the futurist Foresight Nanotech Institute, a think tank and public interest organization focused on transformative future technologies. Templeton was founder, publisher and software architect at ClariNet Communications Corp., which in the 1990s became the first internet-based business, creating an electronic newspaper. He has been active in the computer network community since 1979, participating in the building and growth of USENET from its earliest days, and in 1987 founded and edited a special USENET conference devoted to comedy. Templeton has also been involved in the development of important pieces of software including VisiCalc, the world’s first computer spreadsheet, and StuffIt, a system for archiving and compressing computer files.

Brock Pierce

Managing Partner, Blockchain Capital; Chair, Bitcoin Foundation

Brock Pierce is a 15x entrepreneur best known for pioneering the market for digital currency, and is Co-founder and Managing Partner of Crypto Currency Partners. Pierce is also an advisor, mentor, or board member of GoCoin, expresscoin, Noble Markets, Blade Financial, ZenBox, Tether, BitGo, Coin Congress,, Robocoin Asia and Plug and Play. He chairs the board of the Bitcoin Foundation, is a prolific angel investor, leads BitAngels Los Angeles, and runs an AngelList top 10 syndicate. He is the founder of IMI Exchange, the world’s leading digital currency marketplace for games; ZAM, one of the world’s largest media properties for gamers; and IGE, the company credited with pioneering the market for digital currency in online games. He is also a founder of Playsino, Five Delta, Evertune, GamesTV and Digital Entertainment Network. In addition, Pierce is an active supporter of non-profit and advocacy organizations and is a member of Clinton Global Initiative. He has also been a guest lecturer at Stanford, USC and UCLA.

Lakshmi Pratury

Founder & CEO, INK

Lakshmi Pratury is an entrepreneur, curator, speaker and self-described “people collector”. She is CEO of INK, which she founded in 2010. She also is the host and curator of live events such as the INK Conference and INK Asia, videos of which are made available on The idea of INK sprang from the 2009 TED conference in Mysore, which Lakshmi co-hosted. Prior to this, Lakshmi spent two decades in leading roles in the technology, venture capital, and non-profit industries in the U.S. She was part of the management team at American India Foundation (AIF) that raised over $30M in five years to channel towards development activities in India, and she founded the Digital Equalizer program, which brought technology education to over 100,000 children and 2,000 teachers in India. Lakshmi has won numerous awards for women's leadership and social entrepreneurship.

Marcus Shingles

Partner, Deloitte Consulting LLP; Incoming CEO, XPRIZE Foundation

Marcus Shingles is a Partner at Deloitte Consulting LLP and is a leader in Deloitte Consulting’s Innovation Group (DC Innovation). Marcus works with corporate executive teams to better understand and plan for the opportunities and threats associated with disruptive innovation driven by “exponentials” – the exponential pace of discovery, invention, and technology. Marcus is responsible for Deloitte’s alliances and ecosystem strategies, which includes partnerships with the XPRIZE Foundation, Singularity University, and 3D Systems. He represents Deloitte's role in the Innovation Partnership Program. In his spare time, Marcus works with the public school system in Los Angeles to bring “exponential entrepreneurial” training and contemporary thinking as to the opportunities that new technologies potentially bring to underserved communities. In April, Marcus will take the reins at the XPRIZE Foundation as CEO.

Neil Jacobstein - image

Neil Jacobstein

Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Co-Chair, Singularity University

A Distinguished Visiting Scholar in the Stanford University Media X Program, Neil Jacobstein focuses his research on augmented decision systems. He chaired AAAI’s 17th Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence Conference and has served as a technical consultant on AI research and development projects for DARPA, NSF, NASA, NIH, EPA, DOE, the U.S. Army and Air Force, GM, Ford, Boeing, Applied Materials, NIST and others. He was CEO of Teknowledge Corporation and a graduate research intern in Alan Kay’s Learning Research Group at Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), as well as a Henry Crown Fellow at the Aspen Institute. Jacobstein is a consultant to the National Academy of Sciences workshop and is the primary author of the Foresight Institute Guidelines for the responsible development of nanotechnology. He earned his B.S. degree in environmental sciences, summa cum laude, from the University of Wisconsin, and his M.S. degree in human ecology from the University of Texas.

Emeline Paat-Dahlstrom

Chief Impact Officer, Singularity University

Emeline Paat-Dahlstrom has a Bachelor of Science in physics from the University of the Philippines and a Masters of Science in earth and space science from York University, Canada. She attended the International Space University (ISU) Space Studies Certificate Program in Strasbourg, France and subsequently worked and volunteered for ISU for two decades for its summer programs around the world. She has also worked for several startups including Space Adventures Ltd, a space tourism company sending private citizens to the International Space Station, for which she served as Director of Program Development and Research and Director of Operations; and Odyssey Moon, a planned commercial transport to the moon. Emeline is co-author of the book “Realizing Tomorrow: The Path to Private Space Flight”, which was selected for the 2013 U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff's Reading List.

Kent Langley

Faculty, Singularity University

Kent Langley is a hands-on entrepreneur and expert in data science systems / big data. He focuses on building and assisting companies that want to deploy scalable distributed systems and effective technology teams. As a faculty member at Singularity University, Kent teaches Big Data / Data Science and Exponential Organizations to groups, including the most senior executives of several Fortune 100 companies. He teaches, mentors and advises participants of SU's Executive Program, Global Solutions Program, and customized corporate programs. Recent audiences include companies such as Dow Agrosciences, Ernst and Young, Grupo Brescia, Bayer, IAG, AB Inbev, Ingersol-Rand, and the Coca-Cola Company.

Michael Gillam


Dr. Michael Gillam is a medical informaticist, researcher, software architect, health IT strategist and a board-certified emergency medicine physician. Most recently, he was a partner level physician executive and director of the Microsoft Healthcare Innovation Lab, an incubation, technology transfer, and prototyping lab for next generation health informatics technologies. He was one of four physician directors of the team that built and sold the software which became one of Microsoft’s flagship products in healthcare, Microsoft Amalga™. He has served as Chair of Informatics for both the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine and the American College of Emergency Physicians.

Sanjay Sarma - image

Sanjay Sarma

Vice President for Open Learning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Sanjay Sarma is the newly appointed Vice President for Open Learning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Sanjay also heads the Office of Digital Learning, overseeing MIT OpenCourseWare and supporting the development and use of digital technology for on-campus teaching and massive open online courses. A co-founder of the Auto-ID Center at MIT, Sarma developed many of the key technologies behind the EPC suite of RFID standards now used worldwide. He was the founder and CTO of OATSystems. Currently, Sarma serves on the boards of GS1; EPCglobal; several startup companies including Senaya and ESSESS; and edX, the not-for-profit company set up by MIT and Harvard to create and promulgate an open-source platform for the distribution of free online education worldwide. He also advises several national governments and global companies.

Stefan Sagmeister

Designer, Sagmeister & Walsh

Stefan Sagmeister is one of the most celebrated figures in the world of visual communication. He has won two Grammy Awards for his work in album covers and packaging design. Sagmeister & Walsh produces work that stands out among mediums and disciplines of graphic design. Stefan Sagmeister has worked for the Rolling Stones, the Talking Heads, Lou Reed, and the Guggenheim Museum. Exhibitions on Sagmeister's work have been mounted in New York, Philadelphia, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Paris, Lausanne, Zurich, Vienna, Prague, Cologne and Berlin.

Jonathan Reiber

Senior Fellow, UC Berkeley Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity

Jonathan Reiber is currently Senior Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity, where he focuses his research on policy planning and resilience. Prior to his appointment at Berkeley, from 2009-2015 Mr. Reiber held a number of positions in the Obama Administration, most recently as Chief Strategy Officer for Cyber Policy in the Office of the U.S. Secretary of Defense. In this capacity, Jonathan advised senior leaders in the U.S. government and led strategic initiatives across the cyber policy portfolio. He is the principal author of the 2015 Department of Defense Cyber Strategy.

Naveen Jain

Founder, Moon Express; Board member, Singularity University

Naveen Jain is an entrepreneur and philanthropist driven to solve the world’s biggest challenges through innovation. He is the founder of several successful companies including Moon Express, BlueDot, Intelius, Talent Wise and InfoSpace. Naveen Jain is on the board of Singularity University, and a trustee of the board and vision circle member at the XPRIZE Foundation.

At Moon Express, Naveen's team is developing a robotic lunar lander to explore and mine the moon for planetary resources that will be the key to securing humankind’s future. Naveen Jain has been awarded many honors including “Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year”, the “Albert Einstein Technology Medal” for pioneers in technology, the “Light of India” award for business leadership, “Most Inspiring Entrepreneur” by Andaaz TV, “Most Admired Serial Entrepreneur” by Silicon India, Humanitarian Innovation Award at the United Nations, and “Lifetime Achievement Award” by Red Herring for the leadership in the technology industry and support of other entrepreneurs.